Anthony J. D’Angelo, author of the College Blue Book, states that the total amount of human knowledge doubles every fourteen months. Other sources state figures ranging from one to fifteen years. There are even suggestions that, within our lifetimes, the figure could drop down into the realm of mere months or even weeks.


Over one hundred years ago, when the Wright Brothers first flew their heavier-than-air aeroplane, the quantity of human knowledge was very small: Wilbur based the designs on how the aircraft should turn on observations of the flight of birds. Today’s aircraft designer, however, uses many calculations, references, and theories to design everything from small UAV/drones and homebuilt aircraft to commercial jumbo jets. It is with this aggregation of knowledge in mind that DARcorporation has set up Airplanedesign.aero.


Airplanedesign.aero is dedicated to the ever expanding community of aircraft designers, home builders, RC aircraft designers and UAV/drone enthusiasts. Here you will find information on airplane design, engineering tools, engineering technical documents, links, and a forum where industry experts can answer your questions, make suggestions and help you solve difficult engineering problems.




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DARcorporation was founded in 1991 by Dr. Jan Roskam and Dr. Willem Anemaat to commercialize a state-of-the-art aircraft design software tool that they developed called Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA). Today, AAA can be found in over 50 countries around the world at industry leading companies and top flight academic institutions. Over the last 25 years our capabilities expanded and we are now a widely recognized aerospace engineering consulting firm. Our expertise in design, structural analysis, aerodynamics, stability & control, flight dynamics, prototyping and wind tunnel testing have allowed us to build a portfolio of over 400 engineering projects. These projects include work on traditional fixed-wing aircraft, UAVs, drones, rotor craft, fans, ducted fans, propellers, lighter-than-air vehicles, wind turbines and many more. Our extensive range of capabilities and expertise give us the ability to take almost any project from the drawing board to full-scale prototype testing and certification.


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